Rigid Industries D-SS Side Shooter Series

Branching off of the highly-proclaimed Rigid D-Series, the D-SS ( Dually Side Shooter ) LED cube is taking the lighting game to a new level. Providing the same powerful optics of the D-series, the D-SS also provides optics on the side for a much broader beam. This makes the D-SS perfect for any application requiring a more wide-spread beam such as A-pillars, Fog Lights, and motorcycle applications. 

The D-SS fixtures boast up to 120-degrees of horizontal lighting coverage when used in pairs or when used as a single light application. Available in Spot, Flood, or Driving style optics, Rigid Industries provides a solution for nearly any application. The D-SS LED lights are available in pairs with three side-shooting LEDs on one side of each fixture, or in single applications with a pair of side-shooting LEDs on both sides of the fixture. This is the only kind of quality and craftsmanship you can expect from Rigid Industries. The best part? Now everyone can afford to have this level of quality lighting in their life.

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